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John Kerner, MD, Professor of Pediatrics-Gastroenterology, Lucile Packard Children's Hospital/Stanford University

As a physician board certified in gastroenterology and nutrition, I found Gut Insight to be an extremely well referenced resource on probiotics and prebiotics for both the general public and health professionals. The authors have produced a unique and valuable book on digestive health that I can confidently recommend to both my patients and my colleagues.


J.M Saavedra, MD (Division of Gastroenterology and Nutrition, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Nestlé Nutrition North America) reviews Gut Insight in ICAN: Infant, Child, & Adolescent Nutrition Link

This book is dedicated to Mother Nature "who is minding the microbes." Easy and comprehesible read. ... the first four chapters are an accurate introduction to the concepts and areas of benefit associated with these functional diet components.


Diets in Review on Gut Insight Link

"... serves as a guide to those that are interested in the new research regarding these digestive-friendly bacteria."


Los Altos Town Crier: Advice from the gut on digestive disorders
Nancy Dickenson, Head Librarian at Stanford Health Library

"...Hattner and Anderes have written a book that is easy to follow and full of practical, simple suggestions to improve one’s diet and health, based on scientifically sound principles. They provide tips on shopping, food preparation and kitchen safety. In addition to thorough discussions of probiotics and prebiotics, the authors advocate a plant-based diet and explain the value of these functional foods. The final chapter of the book discusses the use of probiotics and prebiotics through the various stages of life, from newborn to senior....


David Grotto, RD LDN
Author of 101 Foods That Could Save Your Life and 101 Optimal Life Foods

Brava to Jo Ann Hattner and Susan Anderes for assembling a wonderfully complete, concise and authoritative guide to the world of gut health! Here the reader can finally gain a thorough understanding of the world of pro- and prebiotics and appreciate why they can’t live without them. I especially love Hattner’s real-life case examples of patients who have benefited from her years of wisdom. The inclusion of product examples along with some simple and tasty recipes really makes this guide useful to both consumer and health professional, alike. Get ready to dig into a great and fun read that offers lifestyle recommendations that are easy to digest (pun intended!).


Chris Rosenbloom/Cox Newspapers. On the front burner: Farm to Fork. Sarasota Herald Tribune. Link


Digestive health is such a hot topic that the dairy aisle is bursting with new yogurts, drinks and smoothies claiming to improve your health. Though there is a lot of interest in gut health, where do you ask a question and how can you sort it all out?

For a comprehensive look, check out the new e-book, Gut Insight by JoAnn Hattner (, $12.95). Hattner, a registered dietitian and nutritionist for Stanford University, has compiled the essential consumer guide on probiotics and prebiotics for wellness. Hattner points out that 70 percent of our immune function takes place in the digestive tract, so it makes sense to consume foods that support gut defenses.

• Readability: The idea of reading an entire book online can be intimidating, but Hattner makes it easy. The book is presented in 10 chapters, with plenty of illustrations and examples to hold your interest.

• Scientific evidence: The book provides the latest research on foods that contain pro- and prebiotics. Yogurt, kefir, dairy and soy or products such as Dannon’s Activia or Yakult (a Japanese dairy drink available in the United States) are all examples of probiotic foods that contain live bacterial cultures that help support your immune system. Contrast that with foods such as bananas, onions, garlic, asparagus, chicory root, whole-wheat pasta and barley that contain carbohydrates that the body cannot digest. Referred to as prebiotics, these substances can be fermented in the gut to stimulate growth and activity of the healthy bacteria. Hattner promotes a plant-based diet and reviews the research on the known sources of pro- and prebiotics as well as giving insight into emerging benefits of these foods.

• Extras: One of my favorite things about this e-book is the amount of embedded Web links to products, research or trade organizations that offer more information with one click. The book also contains recipes, tips for choosing the healthiest probiotic and prebiotic food in each stage of life and an assessment on how to evaluate your digestive health.

This book is a good buy. How can you not love a book dedicated to Mother Nature?


Online cookbook gives comprehensive gut check by Chris Rosenbloom for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Thursday, May 21, 2009

"...Digestive health is such a hot topic that the dairy aisle is bursting with new yogurts, drinks and smoothies claiming to improve your health. Though there is a lot of interest in gut health, where do you ask a question and how can you sort it all out? Hattner, a registered dietitian and nutritionist for Stanford University, has compiled the essential consumer guide on probiotics and prebiotics for wellness...."


Diane Claerbout, Consumer

Gut Insight not only answered all my questions but provided invaluable information about the products and foods I should be including in my meal plans. I also was introduced to prebiotics and the relationship between the "gut" and our body's general immunity. I was completely unaware of prebiotics and the authors explained their function well and the foods which contain them. The various digestive problems were discussed. The book stressed getting what we need through food rather than supplements.


Ann Coulston, MS, RD, FADA, Nutrition Consultant

I read through Gut Insight this afternoon. It reads very well. I particularly found useful the boxed inserts: the glossary terms located specifically throughout the book keep the reader on track and improve understanding, use of the boxes to summarize key concepts also helped to bring home the take-away messages. I like the flow of the book through to shopping, storage, menu and recipe ideas. This allows the reader to internalize/conceptualize the material.


Ashini Srivastava, Community Physician and School Health Counselor

I found this book extremely informative and engaging. The updated scientific knowledge about prebiotics and probiotics has been extensively researched and is well presented. The lucid writing style will appeal to consumers who are often unsure about purchasing new products from the shelves of supermarkets and specialty food stores.


Marlene Lucas, Nurse and Consumer

I am so delighted to have a book likeGut Insight since I have been an enthusiastic consumer of food for over half a century. The text information is informative, the web connections encourage exploration, and the links to healthy recipes are a bonus. I look forward to having this book to explore many.htmlects of what we all should like to healthy foods!


George K., Consumer

The book is very informative, especially since I recently found out that I am lactose intolerant. The authors have a nice way of organizing and presenting the information in a way that people can use.


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